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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance provides you a strong financial support during tough times caused by a critical illness. The outcome of it will be more of physical and emotional stress. If your financial status is also impacted by your critical illness, it will be a difficult time for you and your family.

Critical illness insurance will be of assistance in critical illness scenarios. It will allow you to take care of your health in a much better way.

A critical illness may pop-up at any given time:

  • In Canada, every year there are more than 65,000 reported heart attacks.
  • The numbers exceed more than 40,000 in case of people suffering from stroke in Canada.
  • Every week, over 3000 people are diagnosed with cancer in Canada.

Critical illness insurance policy lends you a helping hand to shield yourself against the expensive medical bills and helps you in rebuilding your health.

What is the need for critical illness insurance?

Finding the best medical care, meeting everyday needs, managing the stress and anxiety are the challenges that come along with critical illness.

Critical illness insurance from Zenplus insurance provides a huge benefit to support your financial status, if you are suffering from a covered critical illness.

It helps you to

  • Reduce your financial burden
  • Maintain your independence
  • Access cutting-edge medical services
  • Assist in your recovery any way you choose

With critical illness insurance from Zenplus, you can easily eliminate the chances of withdrawing your retirement savings to be financially firm and independent during your medication.

Critical illness insurance policy from Zenplus provides invaluable supporting services to you and your family to be free from worries of critical illness.

The Canadian health care system simply cannot assist critical illness patients recover their financial status, if they are unprepared for the worst financial consequences of withstanding a critical illness.

Your lifestyle and financial status may have a negative impact, if you are living with a critical illness and you are unprepared. Unlike disability insurance or life insurance, critical life insurance provides an edge to recover not only physically but financially as well.

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