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Life Disability Insurance Policy

Disability insurance is an insurance that gives you protection against the chance of losing income if you become disabled and you are not able to pay your expenses. Disability insurance offers you financial security by substituting a part of your income, when you are disabled because of an accident or illness.

Majority of the people realize the need for life insurance. However, the percentage of people who are unaware of disability insurance is more. Your revenue flow stops when you are disabled, but your bills keep on increasing.

Accidents and illness are common factors of the mechanical lifestyle. They are the most unpredictable change that can occur.

In Canada, at least once before age 65, a one out of three people will be disabled for 90 days or more.

A disability can last for months or it may even last for years? Why do you want to take a chance?

To lessen the gap between your income and expenses during a disability, it’s better to opt for disability insurance.

What is the need for life disability insurance?

Your ability to obtain a regular income reflects on many factors like your lifestyle, your child’s education and your retirement savings. When the cash flow becomes less than the expenditure to cover your medical bills associated with your disability, you may feel the pressure to create a  balance.

When you imagine leading your life without income and becoming disabled at some point, you will realize the need for disability insurance.

Group coverage ends when you leave or change jobs. But, an individual disability policy does not. You will receive tax-free benefits because you will be paying the premiums.

Choose a disability insurance policy that suits your needs.

Zen Plus offers various kinds of disability insurance policies that can assist you to safeguard your income, if you are disabled.

To suit various factors like your occupation, income and others; a range of benefit and premium options are offered by Zen Plus.

What are the factors to be considered while having a disability insurance?

How much disability insurance should you need?

It depends on many aspects of your life. Make sure that your disability won’t affect them.

Your lifestyle

How is your current standard of living and how do you cope with the cutbacks caused by your disability?

Your family

Is your family depending on your income? How are you planning to overcome the financial struggle in case of your disability?

Who would take care of your mortgage payments and other loan payments in light of the lack of income that has resulted by your disability?

Financial resources

Are you dependent on a single source of income? Do you have any savings which can last as long as your disability? Do you have any investments to assist you in your tough financial scenario?

Dreams – what would happen to you and your family if your disability lasts long enough to use up all of your savings?

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