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Mortgage Insurance

By insuring your mortgage loan, you are one more step closer to be worry-free. The dream home that has been your most lovable thing will never be a burden for you and your family. With mortgage protection insurance, you will have the financial back-up necessary to take care of your mortgage payments in case of disability, critical illness or premature death.

This is one of the prime reason, why investment gurus stress to choose the mortgage insurance carefully.

A suitable mortgage insurance plan can safeguard your home, when you are not capable of doing it. Mortgage loan insurance policies are provided to house owners by the lenders. These policies won’t help you or your family.

Our Canadian housing  mortgage insurance policies are relatively less expensive than those of the mortgage lenders,  and provides more financial security. Furthermore, mortgage policies from Zen Plus are more affordable

It may look like a cheaper way to insure your mortgage by using mortgage loan insurance provided by your lender. Depending on the conditions of the loan, you pay your premiums to insure your mortgage.

Mortgage insurance policies from Zen Plus are independent of your mortgage loan. We offer a vivid insurance solutions that can shield your mortgage and you can select the right insurance plan that meets your requirements.

Protecting you and your family is also the main concern of Zen Plus, which also provides home payments. The flexibility of mortgage insurance offers financial independence to your family.

How it can be advantageous to have a mortgage insurance with Zen Plus?

  • Negotiating a healthier loan rate from the financial institution of your choice may be possible, while keeping your insurance untouched, regardless of any fluctuations in your health.
  • To meet the emergency needs, your heirs will have a freedom to use the benefits to reimburse the loan.
  • If diagnosed with one of four critical illness there will be a possibility of obtaining the complete reimbursement of your loan.
  • You will have peace of mind.
  • Your periodic mortgage payments will be taken care, if you’re unable to pay because of an injury or critical illness.
  • No questions will be asked regarding your health to convert your mortgage insurance to regular life insurance.

Why do I need Mortgage Insurance?

Even though you may have life insurance, it may not be sufficient to cover your financial requirements and commitments. Your obligations may be with your family, personal loans, credit cards and mortgage debt. To shield you and your family from the unexpected mortgage payments you need a mortgage insurance.

Why disability insurance won’t be enough to carry your debts and mortgage?

Most of the Life disability plans cover only a part of an individual’s salary and few plans have an extended waiting period before the benefits start. Your reduced income will not provide enough cash to maintain your lifestyle. It may also not cover the additional medical bills and living expenses.

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