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Travel and Medical Insurance

Travel insurance

When travelling beyond your country’s borders, your government’s healthcare insurance plan won’t offeryou sufficient coverage. And it goes without saying that medical expenses are very high. One visit to the hospital and you may be hit with thousands of dollars in bills.

For those visiting Canadian hospitals a non-resident fee, which is not covered under a government health insurance plan,is tacked on in addition.

With travel insurance from Zen Plusyou can explore the world in confidence, knowing that you will be protected from exorbitant medical fees should you find yourself in need of medical care.

No one plans to experience an expensive emergency while travelling and at Zen Pluswe can help you protect yourself with options that include trip interruption and cancellation coverage.

Super Visa Travel Insurance

The Super Visa was introduced by the Canadian government to allow parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens with a basic income level to visit their family in Canada, for up to 24 months, without having to renew their status.

One important criterion to quality for the Super Visa is the procurement of Super Visa Insurance. This form of private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company must be valid for a minimum of 1 year. It must provide minimum coverage of $100 000 for repatriation, hospitalization and health care and must be valid at the time of each entry to Canada.

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